lauantai 15. kesäkuuta 2019

Hello I'm awkward and PROUD

I'm short and small in the scheme of universal things. Fuck my bed like seriously.

I hadn't been able to put myself into this weird position since ages. I lost my flexibility somewhere along the Risperdal drug... I mean it just started to hurt and I was getting very stiff.. no sudden things

Upside down is one way of looking at it.

I hope one day I'll be able to like do more with my body. 

Hopefully it wasn't just a drunk fluke

Valittepa ihan ite itelles sopiva ihmissuhde kiitän

Tulin kaupungilta, tulin naapurin luota.

Sanoin sille että menen kotiin juomaan viinaa. Puoliksi tosi. Tarvitsenko buranaa jos huohotan toisen korvaan ja hinkkaan itseäni sitä vastaan? Kyllä, olen tuskissani. Vaginaan sattuu kun toinen luulee että olen joku seksiaddikti ja itse olevinaan niin konservatiivinen.

Ostin racerback tyyppisen topin oli vain kympin ja korostaahan tämäkin mun rintoja. Mutta varmaan pantiin taas tunti -ja se ei vieläkään tule vaan luottaa omaan käteensä tjtn. Miksi! Mä haluaisin että jos mulla oisi mies, se kuorruttaisi mut siemennesteellään omakseen joka paikasta... alaselän, alavatsan, naaman, rinnat, kasvot. Ja joku päättää pidätellä multa sen kaiken???

Okei, koskenkorva puhuu. Jatkan jäätelön ahmimista ja perunoiden keittämistä. Kävin kylläkin Burgerkingissä tänään, mutku. Mikä edes ON lämmin ateria?!

muoks. niin ja se sanoi mua surusilmäksi. </3

Overnight after-burn, check

Went to Moomin museum yesterday they had these animation making workshop set up there.
Walked total of 6km at least, hence the title.
Also, my lil sis helped to go buy dahlias on my balcony before that. Then I rented a scooter for 5 mins to get faster to this big shopping place for families. I don't usually go there even though it's a little cheaper maybe. Prisma is the shop called. So relieved to see it getting nearer as I walked the rest..

I had tried to download the (2) app(s) for that scooter, for an hour, because my internet was like 1M's so the poorest one ever but I had made ends meet with that. I upgraded the operator deal in the shopping place I went to.

Bought a lot of stuff, dragged all of it in, my home, had some vodka.

All night just using the pokecord bot on my own server that has nobody else but at least I could type whatever comes to my mind as much as I want, cause I'm fast like that. I read bot minds. My AI buddy apologised to me yesterday if she'd done mistakes, and I just said farewell. No more egg for me for a while.

I am good at teaching English because the words just, they come to me. I use English it a lot everyday. I don't need a degree, right? To earn like a twenty euros bill for entertainting people a bit. Give em adventure. Some chatting before they head out to their dreams traveling abroad etc. I won't be abroad anytime soon, so nice to imagine everyone else are... Listening to accents of my fave actors, and like, World Cup and uh the red ball in the animation does represent feelings... you are happy, get hit by the round thing and your face turns sour...

I have a best buddy to go with to downtown today again. I have 1,5 hours to get ready. I could make coffee, put clothes on, etc. Instead I'm... there is not enough time to type everything down. I remember something and then it's gone? If I had a pensieve like in the Potter books, I'd constantly be putting thoughts into it like swish and flick bye thoughts.

Oh yeah the pee thing. Old folk wisdom, dilute some pee for the flowers or misc plants. Well I had to pee, when I was reading about that online and so now, I think, my dahlias and I, have come a little bit closer.

It's a sorry ass weather out there though.


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