Open up the dirty windows and... damn. I'm in a dark place right now...

It's pretty nice and warm in hell, probably. I should take a holiday there. For now this kitchen will do.
I can freeze over on the balcony and be right back in the warmth. Like, who turned on the Sun fuck... God: I think you may be a little too kind to me on the' signs' department. It's crazy this judgement that you do before I even get a chance to investigators shed light on why I was diagnosed before I even arrived on the closed ward ten years ago...

I mean, it was nice to be alive and all that shit but who cares if you abandon us like on the mercy of strangers... not that loved ones knew what was going on.

I don't know anymore. Respect to you, bros. Not a single demeaning word I could come up with against men but still they have the strongest hold of my happiness.

Lose my self-respect and let someone dominate me like I could never do to even a barbie doll...

Someone has to be evil and since men lack all the fucks given then I guess a male does represent it well. What does my writings even mean I don't.. am not an asshole this shit doesn't deserve to be had by any one...

like, there's something wrong in the settings of the universe if it's what people do for fun??

Man. Triggered. Patients be patients. Stigmas be stigmas. Big pharma rules... my life, in the bin it goes... no worries just happy but this day it totally peaked when he messaged me... like, my game totally over... phew.... Cops take the guy away I can't stop seeing him rubbing soap onto his torso like he washed all the sins he doing to us... mental. images. must. forget. ew. too old, just... too old... want and need are too strong words! Words are just words.. but, truth is the craziest<3333

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