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Ärsyttävää olla tyypin kanssa, joka on Murphyn lain puolella sekä oksettavan Trumpin että paasaa ydinsodasta ja ilmastosta negatiiviseen säv...


maanantai 24. kesäkuuta 2019

Adventures of Kaysuh Bloom but not tied to any real events :p

Finding horcruxes and confoundables... struggle is real. Started watching the second last Potter movie and it's dark, the movie that is...

Sold some remaining potter related things I had. Two plays, and JKR's Casual Vacancy along with the blu-ray, a Hufflepuff keyring and books 4, and one of the two last ones in the series, can't remember which but in English, anyway. Now I only have sticker books left etc misc stuff. A shirt from Warner Bros studios, a Ravenclaw keyring, Hermione's wand, a snape funko pop keyring, a metallic pencil holder... some "I trust Snape" mug with the puppet pal snape, wrappers of a couple of the tour candies and a butterbeer mug from there.

Then some mutation obsessed woman came by to get four X-men comic books. I watched a Dr. Who pilot last night. I got scolded a bit because I didn't know the new doctor was female but that's one of the last chats I remember with my secret London lover. He's got a girlfriend and is in Americas now.

I went to buy stuff from the store with ten euros and forgot to collect my plussa points. Dammit. The clerk said it was too late because he marked it paid. My ass..

There were 4 kids and some woman trying to win a kyogre raid but we couldn't beat it so everyone just disappeared quickly. I had an energy drink, cheese buns, and liver sausage, and also I bought yogurt with yam on the bottom because I have a memory that I always asked for them in stores while shopping with mum or similar but I never got any.

I've been making my childhood favourites. Back to my roots. I wouldn't call them meals, just some things I used to eat. Like making your own pizza at home, and chocolate porridge (semolina with sweetened cacao powder) one of my grandmothers used to make for breakfast. Also nesquik hot chocolate to uht milk, it's even sweeter.

Probably gaining weight because I'm miserable. I don't hear from my neighbors and why would I, if one them wanted to stab me and the guy I was fucking with, just isn't into me and for a year shown no interest, or initiative to wanting to have anything to do with me by even sending a text first or, saying anything nice... whatsoever.

My ex boyfriend sleeps in bed sheets he stole from me, cooks food in my pans, and hasn't paid for months of his upkeep/part of his rent, and seems to be getting out of it, still hasn't got money to pay for the car or anything I paid, or to my relatives for helping out with his laptop or dog breeding fees etc. I think he got out of debt with my help and now I'm the one with trouble, and a too big apartment for one. In a building that's getting renevated next year and rent will go up again probably if I can still afford to pay it, though. I shouldn't smoke a pack a day of cigarettes, can't afford to.

I'm bummed out about how things work out for me. If I don't work, it's just as same if I was in a prison or asylum, stuck in my head if I don't do chores. I kind of want to just sleep and be naked in the bed. I guess it does matter whose bed you could also decide to go sleep in but, I'm trying to shake that guy off my mind. We were starting to really... well, not sure what to call it. A year for that kind of progress is really slow. I love adult men, but maybe that's just the shell of a  kind of a man I'm attracted to.

Seashells on the sea shore. Lots of pretty guys out there. Just got to ignore the sharp rocks.

Aaaaand I've drifted from my point. Whoa, I had 10% battery and now it's 60%. I can probably go play Wizards Unite again soon, unless I want to finish the movie. I can choose to do whatever because women have a right to change their minds.