Hullu saa olla mutta ei tyhmä—muut lukutaitoiset

 Herännyt kahtena aamuna viideltä ja sitten kun saisi nukkua, niin herää nukuttuaan 2,5 tuntia. Nälissään kai ottamaan aamulääkkeet, käymään...


perjantai 28. kesäkuuta 2019

Thursday was thirsty and full of hope but Friday may never sleep

Hello literal people. Missed yesterday's blog post? Don't worry, I had no message for you.

I was just texting hundreds of times and whatsapping all day with a couple of guys and then in the evening, I got some periods going on, but that's gone now. I don't really feel like meeting a guy today because he requested me wear something sultry and I wasn't going to offer to do like an escort thing. I want to give intimacy, like a girlfriend experience. I guess it could include an outfit, but I think every guy out there just wants to empty his balls. I haven't even gotten a picture. It's too shady. I hope I didn't give him my address..

Watched 5 hours of youtube at night. Finally slept in the morning a little bit. Someone called a few times, I just snoozed.

Not sure I learned any makeup tips, or what's in fashion this year. I don't really contour? I'm not addicted to makeup. I haven't done anything to my eyebrows lately.  *grabs huge kitchen scizzors and cuts half the bush off* better. Also I tried to watch some kind of ikea hacks and minimalism things. I just see the same kind of content, relationship advice and TED talks recommended to me. For some reason I'm following news from America though can't remember ever suscribing to fox news etc.

Had porridge for breakfast. There was a fair hair in it I thought belongs to the porridge Finnish maiden Elovena.

Also I wrote a letter, when I couldn't sleep, to my wiccan pen pal.

I've been moving furniture, vlogging about my crib. Yeah it's on youtube. First recommendation some drug user's house. Makes me feel inflated. It isn't that messy is it? Just a lot of boxes around. I'm getting rid of the bookself too. I've been thinking about white ikea shelves but that'll be in the next flat.

What else. (Usually means I'm adding stuff in my text where it don't belong.)