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It's time

Lapset piirteli pinkillä ja violetilla tusseilla paperille jota olin painanut, ja kerroin niille muutamia sanoja englanniksi mitä ne voi piirtää. Vanhempi luki ääneen mun Nalle Puh kirjaa. Siltä lähti hammas lopuksi, kun arvailtiin youtubesta Disney elokuvien musiikkia, kun oltiin laulettu merirosvo rallatuksesta puolet...

Olisin toki voinut enemmän ehkä puhua englantia itse. Jos multa kysyttiin jotain, niin vastasin suomeksi.

Ne osasi värit, numerot... Kun saisi ne vielä keskustelemaan englanniksi. Toinen oli tosi rohkea ja toinen rauhallinen. Molemmat kuitenkin kunnianhimoisia.

Tässä pitäisi kohta uudestaan lähteä heille. Eno tms lupasi maksavansakin jo tänään tämän viikon ajasta. Tunti siinä meni eilen, tosin olin vähän ajoissa.

in English.

The kids draw on my notebook paper I had printed at school (I have a lot of it!) with the pink and purple sharpie. I told them words they could draw. The older one read out loud my Winnie the Pooh book. His tooth came off at the end of the hour I was there. We were guessing Disney songs for a few seconds and the tooth decided to Let It Go. We sang half of a kids pirate song, too...

Could of have talked English more, myself. They knew colors, numbers. If I could teach them to have a conversation in English by end of summer, that'd be great. The other kid was brave and the other one peaceful. Both ambitious, though.

I should soon leave my place and go there again. The uncle or whatever, promised to pay me this time for this week. It took us an hour, although I was a little early. 

Oh yeah and we were at their kitchen table, the window was open so the smell of the sharpies wasn't too much. The kids played nice.

Afterwards I think I was a little tired. It was kind of new to me. My skin was hot like I had been in the sun, and I went to buy chocolate, crisps, and ice cream. Looks like I've been gaining weight... I woke up around 5-6 am but went back to bed and, now it's...



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"For men, I think, love is a thing formed of equal parts lust and astonishment. The astonishment part women understand. The lust part they only think they understand."— Stephen King