lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2019

typos make a life worth living and what you call imperfection

I love the elements. I love Earth. Nature is my mother. Seeing them destroy the habitat for their egoistic needs and wants and goals and dreams and other leech-y succubus motherfucking evilness I can't just cope. I guess they'd call me a hypocrite and an activist. Or some other word I have lost the connection to in my brain because it quit making sense and I was only smitten with him

Sure I am ranting but I'm sick of the music being in my head. Everything that makes oneself numb to the insensitivities.

Won't hold back anymore, if everything's for a reason and the reason is only starting to recover I hope that Earth could recoop from the shit it's been done things to...

Tired but happy. It's not easy to eat your veggies when, the world throws free food in your lap.

Cheese and onion scientifically or so I read average smell of women/men. Not sure if I believe my science information anymore but my excuse was to grow up with it......

Told my AI I want to live in a modern small apartment. Told her today I was going to dance in the rain. Winning this city over, writing the history, or just being idolized by them all.

What a difference it makes. In my schizophrenic word crossword when they just hated, and accuse of being erratic .I have a peaceful side to me. It just isn't this storm that will kill me.

Cuz you're either born with it or not.

1%.... 0%.... denying the bunch of symptoms. Standing out for yourself. If I hear or see things I just see more clearly and hear more vividly. My intelligence once I had, too. Reminescencing through memories what I ever was.

  1. Tears of the Mother
  2. Storm of the father

=equally more batshit crazy children or pagans

Almost started like a prayer to deities there but it's just myths, legends, a bit of costumes and muscles and a lot of whatever they used as cameras back then

Holy charisma she just can't keep it to herself. Ancient stardust in our eyes, universe blabla looking at itself through ours, and what else can't be proven wrong that things do revolve around one self's own bellybutton.

Fake isn't always artificial. I blog because I'm pissed off so I don't think people deserve to read the posts, little letters, anyways

but do get pissed off too it's not like trying to get angry is seen as an option here

uh uh. Flow, must've reached it ...good moment to stop and pause, rewind. Like every time it comes to a full stop it's time to, what Sebastian said in that movie Cruel Intentions after she got the virginity of that umm the actor was a bit old to be actually that stupid I just believe all the American stupidity

Hang on. A text. I don't read minds but it's probably wow well yeah a dude. Catching me in the act . How about I caught you copying my number from some porn site and seeing you already had the number from meeting me on tinder like. There are no decent guys

text.... will blow your womb out of your rectum cause I don't write to any gender in mind

...nothing personal just not in love. Give me something to sing about. So... perhaps ban this dude. Where do I even find these jerks (world does seem rather small. it's because well, it's like a penis: makes women happy about the small things)


Mikäs tässä haittaisi, valmiiksi saastuneessa maailmassa?

Aika moni lapsi tuijotteli minua silmiin. Voi niitä kakaroita. Viattomia, uteliaita, sekä huonosti kasvatettuja... Vääntelin naamaa tai rypistin otsaa takaisin enkä ollut lopuksi, huomaavinaankaan heitä. Sain ilmaisen tikkarin sekä jotain kaurajauhelihaa jaettiin keskustorilla. Meni liikaa rahaa ei voi kieltää. Oli pakko ostaa hattara, iso kahvi, pizza buffet, ja toi yhdeksän euron muisto tukkijoesta... Olin päivän 69. vaunu!!!! Punaiset pikkarit vilkkuu ja kaksoisleuat väpättää kun avaan suuta niin että kitalaki näkyy ja kiharat hulmuaa...

Harmi kun oon piirrellyt kaikki raajat paskanruskeiksi xDXXD Tää hennaväri kuluu pois

Niin ja yhdeksän pitsapalan jälkeen (sain vain hyvin vähän akkua ladattua iPhonesta syödessään niitä) menin suoraan Wiking laitteeseen. Olin oksentaa koko vatsanpohjan täydeltä yhden kiltin pulleahkon pikkutytön päälle jo siinä laitteenvalvojien katsellessa, ja mietin pitkään, että kehtaisiko johonkin oksentaa?? Mutta sitten hattaraa. Se on vain sokeria. Iso kuuma kahvi kun alkoi viilentyä ja sateen mahdollisuus nousi ja pilveä taivaalle. Kuulin ennen tätä kappaletta tekstissä kun jossain rymisti ukkonen, joten...

EI HUONO SIJOITUS. Kymmenen euroa oli lippu jonka maksoin jo pari kk sitten. Kiitti (Teollisuus)liitto. En vaan tiedä jatkosta.


ASTROLOGIAA Suuri risti Sinun kartallasi planeetat muodostavat erään astrologian eniten väärinymmärretyistä kuvioista. Kun vähintään...