sunnuntai 6. lokakuuta 2019

I'm always sure I'm inspiring someone after a great post until it gets the lowest views of all week

Let's see how I did my spiced latte this morning...  I had a MoccaMaster from last year's xmas gifts, so I filtered coffee about to marker of five cups. The coffee grounds was a darker brew. Threw in half a teaspoon of nutmeg, ginger and grounded cloves. Let it steep through, poured in a mug, adding milk powder and sweetener. For me five cups usually means two big mugs.

I should make a book of my tweets (it's possible) but whoever went through so little effort to make a book ever?
I've had Twitter for ten years.
It'd be a real page turner though.
My latest tweet was a cock joke literally. They making fun of cunts the brits so why not do phallos ones for change.

I have a sticker here that says "beautiful minds inspire others" Also lots of Dusch chocolate wrappers with the windmills and all

If I didn't take a picture of my coffee maker, I'm not gonna show the mess on my table. Some tastes are like smells but still both are unshareable.

World off, music BACK ON

can't sleep. I can see the keyboard in front of me while I write my blog posts. I re-read my blog a bit, mostly the tagged ones.
I worry.
Listening to piano ballads on spotify still, am I?
it's late.
Signed up for a halloween bingo.
Periods creeped up on me, or under me.

Not mentioning things in any particular order. I've been caught up in other people lately. does not do good for me to dwell on their business. My speech diarrhea is something unbeliavable already anyways

I haven't posted about my souvenirs from California. I got stuff that's like straight from an article of what to bring. Crisps(chips?) and chocolate and a tshirt from Venice Beach. The bag of crisps says Miss Vickie's and chocolate Astor. Not had a taste yet.
My birthday wasn't about me. Mostly it was about their trip through America from NY to LA on motorbikes. Almost getting lost in Detroit, the most dangerous city in the world when looking for a toilet.. I had to listen to that bullshit about how nobody recycles and doesn't give a damn about global warming and then met two vegetarian environmentalists by cafeteria straight after which was like bombarding me with opposite views. On my 31th birthday. It had nothing to do with me.

Fuck that I have a weight to battle with. and my own Sleeping Beauty diet.


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