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maanantai 14. lokakuuta 2019

Bleak not downbeat FML

*joins messy eaters club*

Woke up, couldn't talk, sore throat and nose blocked.

*accidentally presses power button on my macbook, because that was the point right there and everything else is useless to explain*
I was gonna go to therapist today and see my massage therapist friend tomorrow and on Friday go play badminton. Instead I'm resting and sneezing on my own face. I guess I miss some part of the brain. For spending time with people who've got a new flu every week. I hadn't been sick for ages and now I am. Drink warm liquids, rest. I tried to rest but I had to go out buy toilet paper and it was a sorry accident I coughed and snot came down on my chin.
Well. Life over. Until we meet again Satan.