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Through a grindr called ChatGPT, a rewrite

 Station's Staff of Destiny: Nonbelievers Need Not Apply I had a conversation with my best friend about rainbows, trees, and the plight ...


sunnuntai 12. marraskuuta 2023

from birth to the death of all living things there is no free will, just destiny and certainty of the moment so yeah, Grrr

OH MY DEER LORD. CLOSURE PLZ. LET ME KILL MYSELF. NOT GONNA MISS ME. so glad that god is soon reborn from the goddess... but until Yule, it's gonna get only colder and have more snow. wonderland.
Satan's own plan yass excuse my Neo-Pagan beliefs<33
Not so terrible or horrible or my own horniness. :( When I miss guys who just use me, I'm on my lowest. *licks a finger figuratively speaking*
I daydream a lot it's my pleasure and source of happiness and fomo.
Forest is just wild game, moose and deer, berries and mushrooms. Forest is the source of happiness to many, also it's our mud shack Finns just started to build on outwards..
Anyways–  “Never pray to the gods that answer after dark
I ate chocolate, eggs, bread and miso soup. I did some chores. I watched videos and listened to familiar voices from brilliant guys I miss to have met, irl, now music on random from pov playlist... got the beige cordyroy pants my grandma sew shorter for me and a gray shirt and panties too because I was removing hair in my bikini line with an epilator and a razor. I hadn't done it in a while. Mostly still burns, got some irritation. I usually don't wear underwear at home. Easy to fuck with anytime lol
I love blogger but wish I could change the spacing between letters and scramble them all together like... unneccessary feelings and hurting others but like transference is mandatory if your just gonna react to others and abhor to societal rule as a psychological human bean.
Dunno. I'm smart and I claim that the bullying online just falls off my back like water, but somewhen it's good to stop and think why all the hate from everyone.
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