Asensin eilen Firefoxin oletusselaimeksi. En tiedä vielä mikä lisäosa lähettäisi chromecastiin selaimelta videota jos mikään. Maha vääntele...


tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2022

"It doesn't happen"

 My standard English isn't good at all. My Finnish also suffers from the bilingual thinking problematics. You don't need to AI this for me at all. Stop assessing or analyzing me!! My memories are not basic!!!

I don't feel for you. Why be friends with fatphobics who just have this preset idea of how everyone should think feel and look like, even though "normal" is a lie and BMI was only based on a hundred men's average weights. It's too problematic everywhere yet doctors are all the same, want to keep you being the patient for life.

Feeling good because I am perfect just the way I am. I was surprised to wake up a bit lighter after a good rest. Brain is a machine that needs a lot of turning off to work...

Beep beep, everywhere pathetic lonely lovesick women, and men have nothing but disappeared a long time ago extinct.

ANYWAY, I woke u p pretty happy this morning! Realized how much braindeadness I'd got, tweeted about my unhealthy relatioship to my phone (almost battery dead itself) after turning off my new alarm in the other room which lights up preventing depression (?) I can't believe I dozed off on the couCh/sofa so longggg

I was so hungry, I ate a watery orange and proceeded to chat on whatsapp, take photos of my chords coming from the holes in the walls while it was in the microwave for an automatic set of time I just key typed in

Anyway, the lingonberry jam on spinach pancakes wasn't unhealthy though being processed food... Finland is super healthy on it's food. I have traumas about the food and how the packaging is same still for decades when I had to heat it up myself when mom was at work etc but it works... Now I just need some hot chocolate... I haven't opened my tea advent calendar yet. Yogi is a brand I used to buy a lot from this "weigh'n'pay" bankrupt stores and get free mugs but I don't have left many of those glasses... yogi makes assortments of teas

But yeah why I started this post was, I tried some open AI tools'd because of TikTok recommendations for me. Why? Why? You are not supposed to post screenshot on blogger so I can't show what I did with the examples. It basically told me it can't generate original content for me. That's how good it knows it's limitations. As do I?