Se eka heitetään aina pois jos ei tule priimaa eli olen pelkkä eka lätty kuten maapallokin oli kunnes joku puhalsi talonsa nurin

Määritelmä oliolle objektiivisesti, havaitsijasta riippumatta kuuluva ominaisuus, "primaarinen" Terv. filosofia  Traaginen hubris ...


torstai 19. elokuuta 2021

Cursed nostalgia will mess you up if you haven't met any standards for your age, gender i.e. groups

 I was born on a waning gibbus moon. I had no problems to analyze. So I might be a bit rusty in that dept. No longer! I shall make my own problems to look at. Well, not spesifically my own, but relatable.
English is difficult. I have been pooping all night... my insides are still twisted? No idea what I have eaten or drank. Can't have been very fresh! Like, energy drink why y u do this to me. No sleep, yay.
I want to wait until tomorrow so I can pay bills. How adult-ish. I already loaned a fiver from a friend who also smokes cigarettes butt the way...
Gotta make thous shirt typos.
I looked up at the sky 3am and saw stars. I'm too small to be of any significance to dead balls of gas. The moon however!
Yeah. I did some hampster handling on my tiktok live. I updated that video. Backwards. to the app. and twittarrrhh?? arr. You know what. It's this shirt. I'm too seggsy for my updates.
Poor megapussi of chips. I haven't had chips in weeks. Crisps. Damnit must I use the us/british version of words. I wasn't a student in a foreign continent. Just hiding from abuse a bit. Best year of my life. Then came retirement as a shock. More abuse except the diagnosis was subjective shirt she must have invented cuz I can argue every bit of it to be slandering. If I wasn't crying, lma0.
SPOTIFY WHY U Y MUST PLAY THESE oh look it's my virgin playlist called Can't Fall in Love. They claim my music taste is good but I still have 0 followers on there.
Blame it on the... the... thing that started the whole effect. Who acquired those other apps so every opening screen reads "owned by Fbook". Your soul is owned quail. No can do privacy about it.
Anyways. Where was I. Ah, deleting my search history. Things I should... perhaps ask a family doctor. They could tell me it's not a wart but a callus. And hard work repays. Needs and wants of an animal race just want to stay comfortable... never mind I'm sometimes in an astrophysical or neuropseudosciencetical journey to fit the bill of any theory I got about anyffin, rly :3
Yes, the word 'fuck' was invented by Nordic peoples. I read it in Wikipedia basically. Somewhere in my screenshots. The folds of my brain. The cloud save where things disappear off too.
I. sold. that 2nd gmail account I made cuz it had a pokemon go account attached on it. I told the doctor about it. Got confused. Ended up being shredded terror anyway. Patient records=nuclear waste
cannot relate. Tiktok has ruined my learning seeking brain in so many ways... as if "anuses have similar patterns to fingerprints" omg it is just trying to prove being gay isn't boring. whatever.
I need a rest. People are strange. My comments apparently even stranger than truth. "how is this not verified" well if anybody cared, I would be the first in the verification line. All who have been blogging for 8+ years should follow! And just this one blog, eh?
DEAR NEIGHBOURS. "ALA NYT JO NUK--" sounds just the same as "I WOULD D** FOR YOU" ;) it is morning and I can sleep next to nobody.
they be shouting again. necromancers from left and right? or is this hearring better than a rabbits? is it coming from below? Who cares! I would hear voices for you. I wouldn't listen to this rubbish Garbage though.
ok maybe maybe, I played fishpolk a bit too loud around midnight? It was only 37 minutes. After which I tried to relax without my phone for 20 minutes. Guess which had more success... I need to be harder on myself. No media makes me a dull girl though
Have no photos. You need no abs. We not expect you. Do what thou whilt.
*my scrambled mind tries to string together more problems with solutions offered that aren't my cuppa tea*
cuz, I be more. I crave to be more creative. I original. UGH. :F uuuuuuu
romance died with obsession lust and paranoia. I mean, maybe I was dreaming but someone asked me why don't I believe in love. ALL-IN on the lust.
*melts away slowly from these layers of fat not fast enough to not die even a long time* https://www.tiktok.com/@kajsablom88?lang=en here get a link- 
BRIITHH- burp. Me just throwing up on the screen. No dear, it is I, the most hated of all. buh-yeh bee (read: bye bye)