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tiistai 26. toukokuuta 2020

I succeed in learning so easily I might as well preserve this newly-found motivation until tomorrow

O English, thou art so dear to me, I cannot exist without sliding on your perfect means and amusements 'evry once in awhile as though I was prisoned in a falling in love of my own making.

So, I watched on YouTube some motivation, and how to takes notes, videos and I'm synthazising now, of everything I've taken in of, chapters 8 to 13, in The Elements of Eloquence: How to turn the perfect English phrase

It is next that I should be taking in the My Grammar and I(or should that be me)? because spelling, punctuation, grammar, all the nice rules that English has so much that every exception must be learnt in memory. Good thing I have some English in my backbone for that already without being native it's like sitting at class and hearing them talk about yourself just so indirectly you might not as well be there hearing it. Bilingual. Except that it felt like driving a machine at a carnival without a seatbelt.

Falling in love according to Einstein was like sitting on a hot stove.

Well if I hadn't just read another thirty pages about phrasing and the termonology behind what are memorable lines, I could maybe just complain about my butt exploding with new hidradenitis suppurativa abscess. Safety I had when I put a towel under myself on the bed listening to an audiobook but kept being disturbed on WhatsApp. So I decided to forget distruptions, forget any disruptive behaviours of seeking company, company with me and pigs fly.

  • hyperbaton
  • anadiplosis
  • periodic sentences
  • hypotaxis and parataxis
  • diacope
  • rhetorical questions

So, I underlined a lot. Mainly lines that describe or explain the word. Word order being strict in English, even Tolkien was discouraged once.

Anyways. What's the use. World is smaller. Nobody's equal. The Earth is exploited by a race of greedy idiots. Accessibility to power and even having a voice is nearer. Freedom and happiness and a raw beauty of chaos in it with the lack of hate; or it leads to being treated as if: you were crazy, and I just don't hold grudges and easily calm myself, distancing from anyone whose love of peace, just turned to old-school neglect.

Rules give me so much trouble because I'd rather break them and face my music all the time than be worried of maybe behaving like everyone else.

If we all did things from spite of race and I see humanity is a big race of animals pretending to have dominion over our goddess the Earth planet under our feet and the seasons and warmth that comes with it... but I mean, "I'm just human" is the poorest excuse. Your shit may be brown and your pee yellow, does not mean your worth mellows by the age of rounds you do through space making you more alien. No!

Homo sapiens of the future cares. It Equally sits at home and works from there. Improves the world, nothing being new. Eats more plant based, recycles, and the problems the human race will face will be things we can't even understand yet.

Anyway based off today's daydreams I've been close to ending this babble babble rant rant a while somewhen ago.

"Some day I'm afraid you'll start quoting me." -n.s.

Yes dear friend that day has passed and gone. Where is my Mona? NOMEN EST OMEN. I'd make perfect sense in Finnish if it was related to Latin. Said by a teacher I left my essay to have been read. Sorry for the combo of languages. I have no idea how to start explaining in Finnish this what I study in English because certainly it is not taught at school in Finland. Maybe ought to. To study more on this I will. Won't we all. There's gonna be a day when the teacher appears to the student who is ready

off with this doddle. Language is as language does.