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maanantai 23. joulukuuta 2019

Never heard of brainwashed? I don't think you can feel your brain so least you can is rewrite everything you've been told

(tags: harassment, taking sides, ego compensation, blame for spoiling fun for everybody, bullying, ignored, grey area)

yeah my beautiful name that rings a beautiful soft tone in your ears, so what

That is so much bullshit I'm ashamed for your bullying over me.

Nobody noticed I was in the whole chat. You're saying I did it to myself.

maybe because of the break and the disrespect in atmosphere of the site

A lot changed in past year but obviously not enough.

Being watched feels icky.

I've logged in here daily since I bought the vip, helping newbies with gifts a few times, haven't commented on leadership or if I even enjoy this site.

maybe you ruined my evening. perhaps I got stuck trying to pass time with strangers who left me on the outside from their inside jokes etc.

It all happens in the real world this bullying. people assume so much think they've gone through therapy and tell themselves a story why they can laugh at someone and run from them when all you really need is to listen and sit next to people and be interested in them and maybe be polite or friendly if possible.

MY ATTITUDE is something you won't ever control and feel free to reward me with all you got on this site in terms of punishment.


whoever you think you are in your head mistress problems of inapproppriate conduct or wherever it says I need aid!!!



I've been watching your conduct during the Snake awards and I'm very disappointed. And, sadly, it reached the point where I have had to remove you from being able to participate due to the overly negative and inappropriate comments you keep making. I can see no reason for them besides wanting to bring the mood down or to bring attention to yourself in a negative way. I would be interested in knowing exactly why you think it was kind or right to behave that way. But, regardless of the motive, it was inappropriate.

I do know that attitude has been a problem in the past, and I had hoped that a sizable break might have aided things. Please keep in mind that this kind of thing won't be allowed to escalate or continue and may lead to official warnings which will ultimately lead to you not being able to use the site. We respect each other here, which means no disrespectful comments to others to hurt or sabotage a good time or to diminish the work of others.

As always, if you have comments, just reply.

(text based roleplay site admin)