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torstai 26. syyskuuta 2019

Things are as things can be

something you never heard before
Whatevs. Loaded bus card with a tenner and cancelled netflix. Balanced those out. Still no word from anyone. Took a sirdalud last night and slept around 12 hours. My weight has been fluxuating down. I guess resting at night is important for weight. Those pesky SSRI's for the past ten years have made my sleep poorety poor. It's devastating cause sleep is the most important thing in my life. Or used to be. I like to get it a lot.
Had an old client come by for some sexytime and got fifty euros. I was nearly passing out for lack of food. Yet I didn't buy much nonsense treats. I got toast and beans with a cheese topping. My london secret lover said once randomly he eats his beans on toast, cold. I do remember. I like to brag. Wouldn't bother him nowadays, dude's in the muricas. He used to miss me a lot. Said I was in his dreams. Which guy ever remembers their dreams? Probably the white stalion with the venomous Australian poison horn.
Anyways. I got a tingle on my left side of the head. Should maybe take my earring off before my whole head gets infected. Nah it's just cartilage.
Making so many writing errors and typos in Finnish and can't be bothered to go clean them up. I re-read my blog a bit too muchos.
Gonna watch a movie every day or two. Cinema next month going to see an animated children's movie that had a funny trailer. My Best Buddy person likes fun. Girls just wanna have fun. My best friend though wants us to watch a dark comedy. Maybe call her soon. It's already Friday tomorrow and I haven't done much but be on my Sleeping Beauty diet. It's funny cause, the lady didn't eat for a hundred years. Annywhaes... hmm. I could be getting a Billy shelf from ikea for birthday. A homemade meal on Sunday with the folks. I should meet some guy who wants me to make sites for them. Install WordPress or perhaps make sites with html but they don't seem to understand when I talk about it. Asking me to speak Finnish. I'm a social media guru kind of but I don't just... I mean, content for content's sake. I need to have it. Also the media that goes into a website like text and pictures, and then the domain names have to be purchased, the tech behind the website for the site to work... and I'm lucky to be the only person in Finland to have a google's own domain I pay a tenner every year. Still waiting for some ad revenue. I sold one book but books on demand has my old banking info and I think I should write them a letter in order to change it??
Business, eh. I'm sitting on a few copies of my blog posts from 2018 in book-form but nobody except my psychotherapist's read them. "Has valuable information." - a very psychotherapeutic way to say I'm sharp as a dull knife in a gunfight
Fuck your hashtags tbh. The world if isn't, my lobster. You can hear a thing wrong and it's suddenly street art. But you haven't been there. You didn't sell your goose on the market.
A bitch that marketing wheel is. The work you must put in before you even start.
It looks like I would have the 2019 blogi version ready as well. It's half as long as the previous. 270 pages -> 138 pages
Time flies, like ink flows off a paper, dear, flies on my tapestry.