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perjantai 27. syyskuuta 2019

Everyone else is crazy, you are just sane...

Did I mention I love horror. I always watched Buffy, Angel, X-files but also Who's Afraid of the Dark. Read the witche's manual and other 90's hidden library gems for youngsters, anything really from how to spot witches to Batman. Goosebumps was a bit silly... but when I saw this app and played with it a little I feel like grabbing my Let's Get Invisible #6 in the series that happens to lay on top of my dishwasher. I used to scare my lil brothers with ghosts. Nowadays he's just "what's the point" in anything lil teenage adult.
I mean I just had to start building a cemetary in this game.
It's been creepy I watched the new Chucky movie for an hour and it was funny but scary and so relatable that the kid is losing it and his toy is framing him.
I would love to defend the Saw movies and Hostel and everything gore and that goes bump in the night. Halloween the original was a bit meh. It's like LotR, the ending is like wait, what it ended like that?
When I lived in a small town, the semetary was just next to my stepdad's old house. Nothing but a stone wall separating the two. The plot was cold and quiet and dark. Not creepy just utterly despair-y.
Well. Halloween is soon. My birthday is sooner. Jump out of your seats will ya.