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Ärsyttävää olla tyypin kanssa, joka on Murphyn lain puolella sekä oksettavan Trumpin että paasaa ydinsodasta ja ilmastosta negatiiviseen säv...


maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2019

Pick a card, any card!

A deck of destiny! Found my mom's old souvenir deck from Florida, or at least it was rather old.

I know I've studied Photography, but some things are better left undocumented xDD

Then, I saw a rainbow when I was coming home from psychotherapy. Yes, money does stink, stank, stunk. I feel rather happy living here. So much impurities in the air. It is quite beautiful everywhere, don't you disagree?!

I left my book at my therapist. I feel fine with that. Sometimes you just have to go back to Dianetics to stay sane. I swallow books like a freaking whale. I may have ingested so much ink when I was little, that I'm half-ly made from that.

My freaking hobbies. My silent activities. The little artist in me... had to suffer a lot and grow strong.

Shit does accumulate on top of surfaces. I am still like a sponge about some things... you just never lose that little child from within, do you?! I feel like I still want to suck on something xD

for reals. not just fantasy or to insult!

Houston, we have a laundry day tomorrow. And as much as tobacco and coffee and chocolate as we want to grow xD over and out, xx

Post scriptum- I'm blissful, joyful, brimming with joy. I don't just get that from googling anything and neither should your children.... but who am I to say who to love or, what to wear, who to choose as President. Do your job. Finish your plate. Be the fuck's own person you want to be...