Olisi helpompaa ostaa e-kirja

When you don't want to be average and you over-do yourself

Fucking internet sluts. How to look expensive. Great tip. Suck my cock!!! One size fits all...

I'm giving crazy the letter k.

Nobody knows my struggle. I'm such an average girl, yeah. I put my makeup on watching youtube tutorials by great know-it-all guys, who cannot lie, and then just comfying around my too big flat for the rest of Sunday.

I can actually do all those things, I've mentioned in this blog, and it fuels me. My thoughts might be hurricanes, but there is peace after the storm. So, fuck the social media... I kind of hope my job was in the media. It's a great career... Especially if I get to stand a lot. And by standing I mean by the well-oiled machines that stink of money...

Where is my stink now though. It's rather a pleasant dance that I do. Smoking those cancer sticks and avoiding sunlight... what a paradox! I have psychotherapy tomorrow. I really couldn't bother with the Freudian things, but it's so fun to babble at a nice-looking, smart, wrinkle-ridden (from laughter) therapist woman who might write a book about me, but is more interested in reading my book if I have the guts to bring it to her sometime.

Had more cheese buns today, coffee, and juice. I spent all the rest of my money, again yes and I'm getting complaints that I was somehow erratic with spending it, when I don't even plan to spend anything the whole year!!!! what the actual... plum

I'm not high but an alcoholic is sober tomorrow and "an asshole is always an asshole"...

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