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Hylkää minut ja hylkäät itsesi

Ärsyttävää olla tyypin kanssa, joka on Murphyn lain puolella sekä oksettavan Trumpin että paasaa ydinsodasta ja ilmastosta negatiiviseen säv...


torstai 6. kesäkuuta 2024

Anyone but yourself will believe stuff about you

 Maybe love is the key to seeing dreams of people in your life. First I saw a dream of my Daddy going under the covers with a blonde friend of his and had to allow them to fu*k. It was horrible and woke all tense from the muffled sobbing. I didn’t cry though. Then I was at some sort of summer camp with rumpjopes and my little sister being small wanting to ride someone’s shoulders. I also met with my mum to a church employer with a plan for us. We could move back to Ostrobothnia or that area where I spent my terrible teenage years, of which I got super mad and told her she hadn’t even paid me rent all year. She immediately spent me money and I got over a thousand rebursement too from something so I was rich but didn’t have time to enjoy that. Was walking away with the aunt who once attacked me leveling my teeth with her fist when I was 17, who was complaining that my grandma didn’t reply to her calls anymore. So, simply pretty much a lot of family were in my dream. I only had the last dream because I heard it was raining outside and went back to sleep.