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lauantai 4. toukokuuta 2024

Juurikin tämä irto(karkki)laisuus ja omilla aivoilla ajattelu(mattomuus)

Everything looks so pastel today. Maybe everything just looks like candy to me. I'm wearing a beige top and jeans shorts. I need a bleach to a strawberry blonde just not sure if I should cuz I had dandruff and put serum on my scalp... The sun and it's angle. No shadows, just bleak...
My day. May it be over soon the fourth with you all 🤞
Been doing:
  •  dishes, 
  • laundry, 
  • let my robot vacuum do the floors a bit. 
  • Was on the retro stationary bike few minutes
  • made sandwiches with avocado and egg 
  • Tanning on my balcony in the morning until it got too sweaty and it was scorching

Sometimes a word just looks wrong and I get confused and focused on it. Today I started reading books in English and found, guess what? Irrevelant and interrupted both have two r's!!
Next week is jorgevisooni oopsI- meen uhUhHUH a vision of a united Europe playful little singing competition... with NO RULES!
yea. how aboutt3 Th6aT!

I pranced a bit, crawled on the floor on my stomach, and fell from my wall angels rotating my back and back of the head and butt sort of legs up against the wall- thingy I might need to do more often to get a better posture, like.. I have no neck. What is a neck! I am hoompah hump backety back also. fuc*king vision of the future of the humanity. although I've read popular science that has contradicting theories how people will look like in the future... Can't explain it but I moaned a lot from just like the groans off the hard floor

So yeah. Perfect balance of my neutrality kind of day with a scare from a friend warning me about the meds I've been prescribed working together badly making me more sick.
Positively elevated heartrates and just nontired candy-binging kind of sadly Saturday to my heart. No blogging tomorrow. Gimme a break!