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maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2024

Learning about my self is my life meaning tvm

 Slowly letter replies tonight (with typos)

•What is your first memory and most beautiful memory?

Probably related to my mother as a single mother. not sure.. and how to define beautiful? When you just know something like you’d seen it before.

•Would you share some stories about your school days?

I got caught once not doing my homework on multiplication table of 3. I would just multiply when it was my turn. I was daydreaming something and not prepared. Said I forgot my notebook. I was also away for when we learned to name human bones, and English lesson when to use ”it’s __ o’clock” 

•What stories do you remember hearing as a child that taught you so valuable a lesson you still remember them to this day?

Children’s stories for bedtime, Christian stories for kids, and a lot of fantasy books I was reading. I remember I also had Disney cassettes. My stepdad saying one day you’ll be better than me, when I was typing things on his laptop(I was just copying it from science book captions)

•What is a time when you learned a completely unexpected lesson or learned it in a completely unexpected way?

Virtual meetings? I don’t know. A lot of learning can be involuntary

•What is a time when you faced someone or something you're truly afraid of. How did it turn out?

Only in bad dreams

•What are your smartest decisions and biggest mistakes?

I’ve made stupid purchases. Smartest decisions probably that knowledge is power. Picking up a book, doing that search, present it to others

•Would you share more about your favorite destinations? Most beautiful memory about travel?

Best year of my life was on Isle of Wight in England as an exchange student. I’ve been to Crete, Greek islands twice too and Turkey in 97. Every year in the summer going by caravan to eastern Finland to this beautiful lake beach with a lot of pine trees. Learned to swim when I was 1.