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keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2024

I would explain but I’m coughing up rusty orange slime the size of a small alien army

Social Norms: These are the generally accepted behaviors and expectations within a society. They guide how individuals should behave in various social situations.

Taboos: These are specific social norms that are so strongly ingrained in a culture that they are often considered sacred or inviolable. They dictate behaviors or topics that are strictly forbidden or avoided.Stigmas: Stigmas are negative stereotypes or beliefs that society attaches to certain behaviors, traits, or conditions. They often result in the marginalization or discrimination of individuals who possess those traits or conditions.

Now, let's explore the statement "If psychosis was understood, there would be no illness to medicate." This statement suggests that if society had a better understanding of psychosis, there might be less stigma associated with it, leading to better acceptance and support for individuals experiencing it. Additionally, it implies that some aspects of mental illness are socially constructed and could be alleviated through education and understanding rather than solely through medication.An example could be if a society understood that psychosis is a complex mental health condition influenced by various factors such as genetics, environment, and brain chemistry, individuals experiencing psychosis might be less stigmatized and more likely to seek help and support from mental health professionals and their community. This could potentially reduce the reliance on medication as the sole treatment and encourage a more holistic approach to mental health care.


Psychiatric power and money in big pharma combined is bad for life expectancy of for example me. I never heard or saw things. I have never been psychotic. A lot of people wished I didn’t exist and I was apathetic towards that. Finish the job 👊🏻 Side effects have been huge, life destroying. There is no underlying mental illness. My diagnosis is about how they didn’t believe I was living a normal life.