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maanantai 8. huhtikuuta 2024

Priests and monks and human sacrifice... tomato potato... moon and sun, intentional accident

 Dark, cold, breathless, soundless, kinda like the expanding space around us. Puny tiny humanity compared to billions of years of coincidence to get us where we are, that is certain. Looking at the universe through itself. Energy, senses, beliefs, self awareness, intelligence, arrogant ignorant stupity that has no end. The condition that we are not wasted even in death, just spread around. Whose air is it you breathe? It could belong to a dinosaur or a human who died half a century ago. Who are you on an atom level, what's the matter? What forces are affecting you, sustaining you. Dark energies, magnetism, gravitation, unvisible. Molded by the lack of light, or sharp shadows.
Words.... b1nary code, metals and electricity, radiation. I have slept too little to ponder about the universe's sexrets and womanness and multitasking for no apparent reasons but enjoyment of loving my knowledge about it all. Artists steal and they cheat...
I need to count a few sheep, it's late. Made a cabbage soup but then ate a mixed bowl of assorted candy for evening. One non-alcoholic beer I got a freebie, except that brand has been around for years already
Hasn't it been a wonderful evening. Science is like play-d'oh... flexible, but not as mouldable and impressionable as a smart kid. Future is in the average, and the future is in shiny innocent eyes. I don't understand why people would fear eyes. maybe it's a schizophrenic thing. Eyes. Eyes, everywhere. Mouths. Pollution. Fire. Earth. Ra. Holy cats, Holy cows. Nothings sacred, or it's all sacred. Miracles happened, they'd not be miracles.
Spaced out. Damn it, my back. Dammit I'm mad is dammit I'm mad backwards. Poop, boob. Blip. Cookies and milk. A machine in case you stop breathing during the night. Never ever have rules... I'm kinda morbid actually thinking about ways to bury me. Like a nice bag that became a tree, ashes made into a diamond, or just post mortem brain study whether I was crazy or did they make a big mistake boo boo
Laughing cause it's so absurd. Live a little. Have guts. Survive, blend in, really adapt. Aren't we all cunts and assholes to our whore of a Earth Gaia goddess whose just trynna keep alive the strongest... man.

shoo-LAAR ecklip-cya