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Voi hyvä tavaton kun on kesä joka jää unholaan

Melko varma että ChatGPT keksi omasta päästään kirjoja xD En ainakaan löytänyt niitä... kysyin siltä samanlaisia kirjoja kuin eräs 2020 para...


sunnuntai 11. helmikuuta 2024

Dear departed on this rocky bottom

 If you don't want me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. -A famous chubby blonde

Feeling a bit icky but I have had a shower. Ate half a cold pizza for breakfast. Two microwaved eggs and a piece of bread and a yogurt. A can of fruit salad cubes and that is kinda it for today. Have to survive 1,5 weeks on the 28 items or less they deliver tomorrow if there is supply. 6 litres of pepsi max lasts me 4 days or less. I might have an addiction to that but it should basically come out of the tap here right :)
Tapping technique... mom tried to teach me that once...
Don't need anything at the moment. Should get off the mac. I have purchased too many things today. I just can't save. Things I could live without. Stuff I could've spent on an eye doctor, or a cash deposit for rent or stuff I needed more like an ironing iron or the dump fee for getting rid of my two chairs and a shelving
I still haven't gone to a pharmacy to buy new meds for cholesterol. There is only so much light of day this time of year. Soon I'm alone and it's Valentines Day. I might travel to a relative on Easter but maybe make it a daytime activity instead of overnight.

Being an adult sucks. Blocking these guys left and right. I shouldn't let the randoms affect me. Calling me baby the day after and going to another. Dudes are so outta balance, their lying or plain addicted to feeling good. It makes me angry. I know I want something monogamous and legendary but maybe it's just me wanting to put someone on a pedestal.