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Through a grindr called ChatGPT, a rewrite

 Station's Staff of Destiny: Nonbelievers Need Not Apply I had a conversation with my best friend about rainbows, trees, and the plight ...


tiistai 12. joulukuuta 2023

Anglaise du jour

 Got some bad tasting fluoride gunk on my teeth after the mouth hygienist scraped and examined and prodded my gums and between teeth. I remember having it as a kid too. She told me to quit soda and smoking and brush my teeth more often. There was no cause for cleaning them. I was put in line for an actual dentist because of something though which I can feel with my tongue.

I have wasted this day otherwise. Playing around the web and apps. I did read the first chapter of a book I acquired and talked to my friend about it. She wants to read it too and implement or use it as an evidence to back up her beliefs... eh..? What the actual concept.

Feeling a bit cold and I'm just squinting to see the screen better. I should be doing so many things. Pack, wrap, iron, vacuum, wash laundry, do dishes, read. Instead opening YouTube or ai created pornsites or whatever. Wasters of time. There was the same chocolate on two consecutive windows of an advent calendar on the Cadburys Heroes. I hadn't noticed there were pictures also on the window. Todays' sock

I should be doing my application for housing benefits. I should. Do that. Next. Right now.