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tiistai 24. lokakuuta 2023

This is not about that guy

I want my smell back. I want to smell shit and lavender and everything in between lol
I can sort of taste salty and like, feel textures? I had some Italian dressing on crunchy salad. I ate bbq potato chips, creamy vanilla ice cream, noodles, airfried fries and nuggets, and ordering in some McDo on Sunday evening... it's weird how my weight came down to 118.2 from 120 kg but it's not as if I had appetite and am just coughing snot out and cannot speak, either. I have been swearing a little but quiet, and mostly singular words... got to save treats for later when I can enjoy them
I need to stay hydrated and try to do light exercise. My dreams have got weird in my sleep. Sleeping is good though to stay still and keep calm, less swallowing and just focus on breath. Stayin' alive
I am pretty certain it's covid, but I've not done a test... so stuffy, symptoms above neck and the not being able to smell. My throat being good as gone is because I voluntarily participated in activites that were harmful to my esophagus
On the other hand I only have the present ("there is no future!") but I can't do anything like I normally could, I feel like, so maybe next week I am able to do something again. Like talking and smelling for example. It's been a long time since I felt something starting at the back of my throat. A week. A regular flu wouldn't take so many days to recover from? Especially to a female. My estrogen is probably outta whack though as well as cholesterol and fatty liver and I get so easily infected, bruised and scraped and being a fragile human being sucks.
Focusing on getting healthy shouldn't take all my effort. But here we go.