Unpopular opinion to never visit 'murica

What’s wrong with America They don’t recycle, the plumbing is old, the sleazy roadside hotels, gunlaws, people worshiping Trump, how much st...


tiistai 24. lokakuuta 2023

Less damage but still a chore

Sh1t! Been a month. I'm having a hair crisis. Might be safer to bleach my hair if I could smell something, ie. burning hair. It's my roots in this long project of blondifying them

Almost bought clip-on hair to add to my hair but a few pictures on the phone trying to catch a glimpse from the back of my hair, was not pleasant and I failed taking a pic to send for evaluation. 

I want straight hair but I have some curls, and  it's long but not long enough and some of the front shorter, so I might need a trim again, but how much would anyone cut off, of the bad ends? Besides my posture is bad AF

Basically I just removed my middle part to a side part... wtf. 1/5

I keep sneezing even though I am sick like what the hell?? Excuse my snotty nose I must make decisions