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keskiviikko 25. lokakuuta 2023

Getting better slow

 Still not speaking. Been moving like a ghost in my loft. Ate some things, did laundry, had a nap after a long sleep, was on exercise bike for fifteen minutes. I want to go outside. Would clear this brain fog. I guess I could take the trash out. Got to wear layers and a winter puffy jacket again and perhaps boots. I also started writing a letter to my penpal but took a break after 2 pages just like I quit suddenly time on my laptop yesterday after I almost sharted my pants like a 2-year-old. This flu's no joke? In November I have vaccinations, next week tests, and in December a dentist and special doctor... My bestie's in closed ward again for a close contact with death on overdose. Mom's car isn't going much of anywhere in winter, I guess... I probably have to order in food from the market with my last money for the month. I haven't been eating chocolate but I'm craving for some seasonal nougat chocolate bars anyway