Ich kann kein Deutsch

 Aikaa on lentänyt 6kk siivillä siitä kun mulla viimeksi oli täällä vieras sohvalla nukkumassa viikon. Sillä tyypilla on myös vielä kuukaude...


torstai 31. elokuuta 2023

ooh hey world what's toxic today for the minority of women and children

 Get it straight from the source! Of what's in my magical life happening, of recent 


Thank you for your nice letter! I hope all works out for you, sounds like you have an interesting life with lots going on. :)

 Lots going-on's fer suure...?

I have always had an active life. I have always had someone to call mine. A fan, a friend, someone to call 3am if I have the smallest issue I can trust them with it...

Not hectic life, but maybe you could call my online personality more hectic. I am easy to be around with on a face to face. Basis. I'm not a spatial intelligent guy but I'll compensate if I want. 

You'll move on with how much I am able to whack sense into you, shit-eater and off-you-go-fucker-y-u-self-er, hole of an ass Finland! IN a hell that's over-froze!

Shit. So, I went to optician again. Second one telling me they cannot give me a prescription/contacts, and I need to see a doctor spesialized in EYES. Well, I went once and he said I have a droopy eyelid. What could be new? Thick tear duct liquid, like how? (Because I'm dehydrated or whatever?)

And I'd have to wait Months to know in the public healthcare sector because the Government has messed up fucking All for everyone else but THE RICH!