Hullu saa olla mutta ei tyhmä—muut lukutaitoiset

 Herännyt kahtena aamuna viideltä ja sitten kun saisi nukkua, niin herää nukuttuaan 2,5 tuntia. Nälissään kai ottamaan aamulääkkeet, käymään...


perjantai 5. toukokuuta 2023

pov: you follow my Twitter account replies, media, likes and all that product of inspo about how I see what's here from there in your world

Perhaps the least entitled but most important blog post to come... dunno, I ate some things and I am having some medical ailments again, but who says to put scorpion tabasco on your popcorn. Why should I drink coffee or take any other chemical or matter, either. 

I know that things lead to another and before you know it, your taking chances to win or lose that 1-player cardgame just because I told you to try and play it. Who am I to anything since my self-hate just leads me to suffle my deck of life anyway and know no games.

My grasp of English was again questioned on Twitter. No amount of stfu's could make me offended, but it's just that everyone is equal so skill based bias is just so unneccessary and making you dumber to categorize what could be wrong with others

I'm not a doctor or have any of that certificates to tell anyone anything but if I tried to fake one on my wall, illegal or not, not sure what I would include in it. Best 2023 awarded to Kajsa Blom, signed by Kajsa Blom and Kajsa Blom in Tampere is as far as I got in photoshopping something pink, and to print it well, not that cost efficient

Somehow the message I got on Twitter is that I'm not trustworthy, or so that because I was fat. This is the old and stupid argument that I'm so ugly I don't deserve to live. Why do people shout things like that. I don't shout. I rarely vocalize anything in your awful English, that kills people

I might not know what love is, but I'm not to be patronized and judged by my level of actual liability. 

Shame might be deeprooted in United States history where puritanians went there to settle and have faith in peace leading to date culture and all the ambiguous small-talking of their culture which isn't native to Finland. Here is more open jealousy and if you get angry for people giving you shit, you're already lost if you don't strike back at their soft spot...

The more someone bullies you the more they transfer power over to you.

Oh yeah, happiness where was my balance ....*makes up a long title*; 

monetization of pain don't succeed then be nice and inclusive but do put your price on attention you've set out to get from the one brain cell he's felt on that starfall fool's hope wish upon an ants map to the universe with shitstain

chewing a gum because of the hotsauce but not feeling the pineapple burn anymore

but yeah I mean it was nothing

just an average event in eventless life

You can kill time regally or regularly but meaning is often found and disqualified from competitions,

I like to lead and I like to win, I'd rather reign than be your ally when the only disrespect and hate is what I seem to matter to everyone to be getting at is given to me yeah, so fuck coronation and eurovision and gays and presidents and ceos and power, I'll just add it to my dildo collection and diabetes medicine costs

Running from guys or letting them fuck me like the flirtatious lust-obession-paranoid monsters each of them is no matter where they hide that society-worshipped fella pal dic- whats it called when you erect something resembling a poop but deny that women don't care to see yours naked hmmmmmmmmmm *googles Phallocentrism and it rhymes with psychiatric*

anyway you are already doing something else to do something else so piss off from everybody like seriously <3