Ehkä sä haluat pitää sen (isän koulukaveri laiterahoituksesta jota edelleen makselen)

Olen silmittömän vihainen kaikenmaailman rahan lainaajille jotka valehtelevat sovituista asioista. Lowellille olen maksanut vuokrasaatavan j...


sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2023

If you stand for something you'll fall for nothing

 I was living for applause before gaga made it to a song. Since not anyone will applaud me, I've made do with substitutes

About that tweet seen by 50k ny times subscribers and royal family fans of which none saw it as valid advice about undereye skincare scream for help by a princess, oh well, so many confused accounts blocking me and not bothering to read anything even though I did what I hate which is to repeat myself...

I'm just doing some laundry now and listening to my 6th form philosophy teachers fav music(???) and charging the phone, waiting for an apology from everybody I doubt comes like in forever, maybe not, ever

Yesterday was fun mostly! I visited a friend, we made food, and her dog would give attention to me. She even licked my phone while watching a live stream by a great lake heating up sauna's, 

and... why does everything sound so familiar but I'm getting old.