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sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2023

and that's all we know and if it persists repeat steps 3-4


The trauma from those hate tweets all evening. Trying not to internalize to my inner speech the words used. All of the attack and nonsense that I don't identify with whatsoever as they don't know me, from one pathetic comment, about a sensitive dermatological issue of someone with more status and money in the island country isolated by sea geographically been the most a**holes cause of the coast and fleet of boats, to colonize most of the world and all that on England's church of which Putin said they harbor the gays or something

I slept 5 hours and if I shook awake because of my sleep apnea, cuz I remember flashes of pink and green and gold and wrinkles(??)

70 decades in the making and I still managed to get bored, annoyed, disappointed, and worried and caught up in royal soap opera. Shouldn't have listened to the Spare book this year but I don't think I'd heard them even speak before, cuz their job is just representation (and even then their dialogues were written down for them, told to sit and kiss the status symbol presented at the time, swear allegiance to religion and crown and billions of pounds they own in stature)

Diana isn't just dead, but her death was in vain because nobody hates the living...

yeah I'm an expectation of that exception. Telling me I wasn't kind- topped the cake of the false accusations, and commands, threats abusive tweets without any service to anyone except in the imagination of those accounts about my personality class or demeanour or cunt apparently.. all the brutal banter personally at me.

I don't even know what I think about the royal in question. I am not using their seal of approval on anything or coat of arms

I'm a hard-working luxury loving Libra for other reasons and just attract a certain kind of audience, full of bs to solve cuz born into conflict.

  • shallow
  • vapid
  • unpleasant
  • bizarre
  • tatty
  • forgot wet.. (I had wet hair in the profile pic)
Reminds me of that time I wrote to to betterhelp therapist in 2018 and they just oblitirated me and called me 
  • possibly psychotic or manic
  • erratic
  • volatile
  • unsettled