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 Lupasi että loppuu joskus tuo pattereiden ilmauksen tarve, kun vuoto on löytynyt, siellä on vain kaikki asbestista tehtyä jne, joltakulta r...

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sunnuntai 14. toukokuuta 2023

earth dragons be like "my love is so deep"

 Love is rape. –Elon Musk (according to gender studies doctor)

Too much internet today.

I was once again blocked on fb dating. I mean I know these things. I always fall for this shit. Promise me the moon but have 99 problems with me. It's so easy to just message me as an easy woman and expect me to stand on my head and fucking waste my time as I don't learn. Ever.

Birthing day reproductive rights day birth of legends, do grow up boys my age!