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Olen silmittömän vihainen kaikenmaailman rahan lainaajille jotka valehtelevat sovituista asioista. Lowellille olen maksanut vuokrasaatavan j...


maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2023

Dogs can feel the earth moving but so can my stormy signs (needs fact-checking)

 At the root of all evil, we are all women foremost then continue to mutate. Just prod us and the sex will be somewhat determined for most.
Cliteral hood beats erections
I was enjoying some oatmeal with jam for breakfast. I have been supposed to go to a bloodwork in the morning but I've still not gone. Not started to measure sugars from my fingertips.
Had a shower this morning and can't type but what do you know. Usually don't blog post on Sundays so I hid some things, left some channels. Fuck free speech if it has to do with my reproductive rights or some womb shit, right cuz I'm just a sterilized piece of meat anymore but that was triggered yesterday cuz of the mothers's day well-wishers
It was me who joked about squirrel being my safe word and he's got nuts on his stream etc now. Doesn't matter if I happen to see a white-orange aurora butterfly in my yard watching them, who am I to say -my profile pic is a barbie version of my face, on tiktok that you see on the live comment fields and gifters there. Except I'll watch pornhub rather more from now on(nope still nothing interesting)
Awaketh my huge hazelnut brain plz it's Monday! People are most genuine after waking up, said one morning show host long ago.

Why do I even write, when all you search for is the sex and the city type of gossip girl stuff anyways. It's great but have you ever read.