Omat maailmani taas

Mulla on likainen olo. Olen nukkunut koko päivän. Sen verran kirjoitin eilen. Tänään oli pakko nousta, kun tuodaan jotain bataattihässäkkää ...


lauantai 15. huhtikuuta 2023

Yes I have changed things around here, swapped places

Changed glasses to old ones and these are much better. Accustomed to these. Listened to some sporty spice audiobook I just bought, and got inspired to hop on my indoor cycle for a bit and even do a plank, but I'm a goldfish so I have no idea of time how long???

*a droplet of sweat drips into my nose*

And then I washed my hair, and peeled my heels, shaved legs, moisturized feet.

Did some hoovering or vacuuming or whatever of the floors. Used hair-dryer for a bit and drank rest of my forest fruits black tea first with a metal straw and then since it was no longer that warming, just squinched it all for the thirst.

That took maybe an hour or less. *swears*