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tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2022

high definition episodes left to watch

howdy ho mama's milk, what learned have you

I verified my bank details to Google today to be getting ad revenue, something that hasn't yet to happen that money flows from them to me...

critical reception of twd episodes I've left to watch diagram looking like two titties so I expect there's something yet to happen that defunds claims the series already ended way back an infinite amount of time ago, did I mean forever it's dragged on?? 

All I want is to see Rick back at it again, daddying his kid, and all could circle to a close with that character. Please? Don't spoil. I want to dedicate time looking at the rest of season 11. it's been... fuck I don't even know if I've been watching this year zombies at all... plot what plot etc


and what you have you, ain't that a dream to get my own wikipage ;P;P;P imagine if my mom had one and who else you got on your statistics, one sixteenth of the population safe from all the injustice in the world caused by the one percent, sorry I'm damn poor at maths hypothethically lack of the best efforts of learning derivatives, did I fail already dear majority of normals peepholes ...


I drew a sheep.


got a day off work tomorrow. left early. but only cuz they be installing a new "not free" printer, rubbing silicone off the floor walked on with my sponsored-by-mom dirty boots of Swedes doing the installation. Keep on keeping wondering if the job I've been doing has sped up how their even affording that upkeep of machinery I mean I dunno... pretty sure nobody has appreciated my input on there but everything affects efficiency ᢁ🤨🫤🤤😠😝😨♽🤡❌☮️🆔⭐️

but yea I'm gonna enjoy everything I do with pure happiness and bliss and if you don't like it, I'll throw you out of the party coz you were distrubing the peace??!!!! or you know, keep on hearing on and assessing the situation and playfield in case of a zombie outbreak& be patient none

..no wait, I have 2 appointments tomorrow noon at the same time

trynna get a cut from a blade and have a call at the same moment like, my dna will end up on the floor but, let's be tatty about it

I've preset my answer to everything as "no" so don't bother bothering (exception in party business)

P.s. innocent question: why recap???