Olettekohan vaan jonossa...

 Luin että kosteassa ilmastossa äänihuulet paremmin saisi äänteitä erottumaan. En tiedä paljoa tieteestä joka tutkii moisia värähtelyjä... m...


keskiviikko 23. marraskuuta 2022

boring predictable batboy shit

Look what you made me do = what did you want me to do?
Not sure if cultural differences but don't miss your mark and you ain't got shit to blame for your loss. I feel Putin's manipulation all over the pseudoscience /fantasy category reasons of imaginable
Watched a streamer I know type 2 pages of essay, slept, got up and found out I'm verifiable faceless and flaggable with my memery. No biometrics of this fat face no sir
What goes round in circles? earth? fucked up to the core like a soft toy normal people get as babies (autistic people might still have theirs in perfect condition)
TikTok teaching me, comforting me. Like a bullying mom, oh dear you could have so much worse, it'll be alright, everything tends to work out, wasn't a loving adult in your life... who'd lift a cat's tail up if not the cat himself, etc
my hair fresh, my hair clean. Got that 12'o'clock appointment in hair garage. My second time in their establishment.

Should I start blogging in English? No polls so please type in comment section under where it asks to put effort errorlessly or at least be mindful.

Also taking ideas what mood to be in. I'm too stabilized to even dream of an actual mood. Obviously paranoia isn' one but you still gotta ban me for being a literal example of a human in her adult time of life, so. wish I was from milf and taking role of dunno. Faceless biometrics of my own so don't have a system, then I guess I wasn't eligible or legible for that matter. Just glares in the dark.

stand up comedy is what happens while you are busy turning the tables over for those golden linings on clouds. seriously what is comedy if not situational awareness, empathy, word play, and morbid curiosity of what could and what it is not that you can't personally joke about since it doesn't affect yourself directly (unspoken rule)

it's easier not to say what I don't need, but write what I need coz what I get is stupid and unneccessary anyways, so... average bullshit goes both ways. thoughts you must have millions per millisecond but how do you express them, cognitive functions = like a printer

so yeah whatever multiply or don't, you don't seent anything; only think you do