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lauantai 10. syyskuuta 2022

Leverage is having your foot in the door

 Drinking my coffee with sugar and creamer. Looking at blogs. I want to design myself a site too. Install Wordpress and make some images for it, some code. It's a big process though. My Macbook doesn't even have enough space for Photoshop currently. Do I delete the pokemon emerald emulator? How to make space, eh. I haven't cleaned before my friend gets here around 6PM. She was going to come tomorrow, maybe it would've got even messier. Morning spent chatting to mom and gave her 20 eur on her bus card. No word on when she gives me hers. I need it by Monday to go to work. Yeah my friend will have to entertain herself here all by herself while I'm working. Hopefully she would cleam, I doubt it, or prepare food. She's 5 years younger than me.

Last night I did a little candle spell under the full moon. Protection, purification and that sort of spiritual things. It smelled burnt in here. Maybe it was just the visualized fire ring around me or- I don't have enough candles to fix shit.

I was kind of waiting for a video message from my fav celeb from the cameo app for this Friday but instead he just tweets to anyone else about anything else they might be doing except doing a request to an old fan. He has 7 days to make one and, if I get my money back, for sure I'm trying to get Apple to refund me the 45euros from the purchase.. life happens but he's just purposely purposely ignoring. I guess I've followed him since 2016 -where I met my guest coming to visit today too, the LiveMe app, now dead. He never thanks for any gifts either. Gifting isn't my love language, not sure if I have a language but the math checks out

I don't feel too shabby, more like crappy. Could be mercury retrogade unless I was a woman of science and not pseudoscience, hehe. Should I get the magazine Illustrated Science again? I got some mail from them, an offer.. I'm too busy to read it anymore but last time I did was like... just all my young adulthood and then a year or two ten years back...

My IQ sure as hell is not 125 anymore. I don't remember how the tests are supposed to be taken. Like those math problems where you don't use numbers, they are simple but you have to know the way to solve them. Theoretially it is possible and easy even, because I have done them before. I just need a shitty mouth breather on my neck to explain that marginal leftover x's and y's

But that's another spell you blessed beings.

I'm into pop, rock, female vocalists, dance and finnish, including:
Evanescence, Damien Rice, Seether, The Rasmus, Michelle Branch, HIM, Eminem, Placebo, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Lordi, Lemonator, Spice Girls, The Servant, Robbie Williams, Melanie C, James Blunt, Jennifer Lopez, Relaxing Piano Music Consort, Stone Sour, Egotrippi, Blue October, Rölli, Technicolour, Nirvana, Staind, Linkin Park, Kumikameli, Sugababes, American Idol 4, Mick Lloyd's Nashville Music Machine, Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Manson, Oasis, Trivium, Garbage, London Symphony Orchestra, ThouShaltNot, Enya, System of a Down, Britney Spears, Smile Empty Soul, Jesse McCartney, Green Day, Shania Twain, Coldplay, Judas Priest, Good Charlotte, Dido.

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