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perjantai 19. elokuuta 2022

Ukko taitaa olla vähän kiukkuinen jumala kun vetää noi neulaset noin vinoon trooppisen myrskyn kouriin puunlatvat

Got my pagan pen pal letter. She told me about a gig they went to of Nightwish and asked about Finnish elves, etc.

Finnish elves were more like gnomes (tonttu) that punished you if you misbehaved in the sauna. Ukko, Akka, Ahti, lots of gods and mythical things in Kalevala and pagan worshipping rituals in hunting. Karhun kansa still a religion and they believe the bear is a holy animal. Kalevala is the Finnish people's epic poem collection. I had to write an essay at school about the girl in the end of Kalevala, who gets pregnant by a berry, and I had no idea what it meant if I hadn't used the internet to help. (And apparently still don't)


Wandered to the berry-mountain,
Where the strawberry had ripened;
Quick as thought I plucked the berry,
On my tongue I gently laid it,
To and fro it rocked and lingered,
Settled in my heaving bosom.
This the source of all my trouble,
Only cause of my dishonor!”
Mariatta, child of beauty,
Virgin-mother of the Northland,
Straightway seeks her babe in Swamp-land,
Finds him in the reeds and rushes;
Takes the young child on her bosom
To the dwelling of her father.