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sunnuntai 21. elokuuta 2022

Hang it up myself

 I'm still in yesterday. I ran out "sport" laundry detergent and I still have the pants and underwear to wash from yesterday. Very spunky odours from sweat sauces. What else am I running out of? I had a feet soak, I'm running out of lavender epsom salts. Address stickers, stamps..  I'm pretty sad I don't have selfies of myself in my black working clothes uniform. The shirt was a lifesaver, I got it the night before from my dad. 

There were white streaks on the t shirt I had underneath but the collared "farkkupaita" saved me. I used a lot of napkins on my face, there was a bit of a breeze in the beginning but 7pm started to get cold, I might have had to pick up this collage sweater or do some clothes change not to get sick or whatever. I don't know how the party people or "customers" youngsters in very skim clothing endured their festival, did they walk around the stages to stay warm.

I felt like "thank you" video on their socials was also personally for me. I don't know how they did without me when it was getting dark but I guess the people working after me were taller and easier to find shit, hope they turned on the lights... well I did clock out after my injury... There wasn't a lot of queing and lines because I think I was quick on my feet to find stuff. I did a bit of stammering, but it all worked out best, and I need an applause. Or pay. But I think they don't even have my tax info and it's on the 10th when they roll out the paychecks.

Thank gosh for black, though it isn't a color. It just absorbs color. I have a TikTok logo pillowcase to wash too because white turns yellow from sweating on it.

Lot of people had fun and I didn't get or receive any like "provoking". I remembered to drink a lot of water, and I had some melted chocolate bar to snack on and an apple. I didn't bring my own cigarettes, but I got a few..

The job required... common sense, counting small money, pressing buttons on gadgets and scanning with a device, physical lifting and carrying stuff, situational awareness, customer service, smiles, giving directions... the little 90's pouch back bag fit my belly just barely and I didn't even think of stealing any change from it... organization-ability, balance

It was just dumb luck I was in their lists of people to employ. I saw an ad on facebook for security personnel recruiting and learning the trade and made a little CV and one day I just get the info to go there, rules and what not to share about my employer or any trade secrets. I don't think I did or have really. I should sue them and not the other way round lol I'm so hurtin'

Besides, our boss cried at the start of the shift. Also I sent a whatsapp message to the boss of us all the night before in panic of what to wear. Embarrassing!!!

I am not sure if I'm a blogger and have a degree on media that I AM PART OF THE MEDIA. Am I? Is everyone with social media accounts. Anyone with eyes? Access? Power? Information, knowledge, owning that kind of a face that you want to confide in? Hug me. I had a nice day. Not too nice. It wasn't even exercise. I haven't lost all my weight and there is no other (visible) healthy loss around my fat deposits either.

But I saw things that got me thinking about my own life. How safe it is to be almost nakedly clothed when there are a couple ten shousand people around you. And should you? I don't listen to hip hop, rap etc sort of music they seemed to be enjoying artists perform. Not their clientele. I do have a "90's" bling belt bag but I stopped using it because it scratched me a lot-