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tiistai 7. kesäkuuta 2022

This ridiculous face

 Had a deju attack in the shower. My stomach turned upside down. Perhaps it was the mirror image of myself in the bathroom mirror. Anyway, felt a bit sick. Just had to get out of there. Find a towel. Go to the balcony to dry myself off and feel warm in the morning sun. I felt shitty last night, but only drank water and went to sleep.

Paid my rent this morning. I got two postcards yesterday. Ordered more stamps, paid a debt. They haven't acknowledged my extra payments at all so I lost almost 100 eur there to Lowell.

History haunts me. It is best to just think alone, sleep alone, best company that way. Even if I get deja vu's and my stomach lurches.

My fridge is empty again. I should go get food. Although I kind of want to sleep through it all. I have to get medicine for next Monday. There are no pressing matters that I have to do first. Just close my eyes for just a bit...