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 Luin ett√§ kosteassa ilmastossa √§√§nihuulet paremmin saisi √§√§nteit√§ erottumaan. En tied√§ paljoa tieteest√§ joka tutkii moisia v√§r√§htelyj√§... m...


perjantai 3. kesäkuuta 2022

Plussize clothes don't require more mesh ūüĎĆ

 Oh noes. I've ordered leggings at the end of 2018. I have two leggings from PopFit. I'm pretty sure it has stopped being hygienic to wear worn out pants. I checked the label and it was barely visible anymore. So, I've been just daunting myself for years I'll buy them later when I can afford to, when I see the many emails.

Well I joined the v.i.p. club now, a monthly subsription. No idea what they'll send me. I'd like classic black leggins, with the cut sides or colored pockets, but all of them looked equally awful.

Going to have pizza later this afternoon with bestie. Not sure how to spend my time before then. Water flowers and nourish my belly with breakfast. Yep. Last night I sent attachements and paid bills after midnight. Hang around in the chat with google's specialists.

What else is made in America... the bigger the country, bigger the problems, eh?

I hadn't got any ad revenue for over a week (and now I had 10 cents) so I guess maybe it's time to start typing in English. It be too early for that tho. Also, not sponsored. They just have real sizes, and I can support that.