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Voi hyvä tavaton kun on kesä joka jää unholaan

Melko varma että ChatGPT keksi omasta päästään kirjoja xD En ainakaan löytänyt niitä... kysyin siltä samanlaisia kirjoja kuin eräs 2020 para...


perjantai 3. kesäkuuta 2022

Not in another billion leagues over the moon, because you didn't study the oceans well enough

 It isn't that humorous. Kitujainen is a made up nonsense shenanigans word that a thousand monkeys in 1000 years might invent if they were sat on in front of a equivalent amount of typewriters...
An hour or less and I'll have that ten dollars paid (again). I assumed my domain was paid 23rd of March, since there is no cash flow from me- to Mountain View, California OR Dublin, Ireland in any other way than those expenses -I have of keeping this blog dot com...
I'm confused and a bit weirded out. What if I lost all that's on this blog. XML files and all that back-up's. Where do the pictures go, if I add those on here. I've not seent it. Well, I do have a lot of old photos, mainly from the best year of my life, but the 512 Megabytes max. from a memory card on my old digital camera... are probably also stored behind my dad somewhere on CD's?
Weight of data. I wonder how much I consume traditional media and web3 nft things when metaverse is taking losses of huge inflation billions? I don't want to think about satellites, phone cord cable copper thingys under the sea oh yeaaaa
Am I supposed to know what if there was no Internet. Certainly there wouldn't be so much trash on the orbit. Hmm. Things that keep me wake in the night: nah, I'm just hyper on too much caffeine. Waiting so... my balance is never positive, so I guess the poor weakest links have in common with the richest people, quite a lot...
Who else than me would have workspace from Google in a country, which you do not support. Did I give instructions that were clear, how to do this exception even? No. Just have to be in the right place, early enough to not lose their passwords and make up so memorable nicknames or usernames, likes of dracoenator and kitujainen that you might as well, name your kid? I kid. Ruikuli, hiilimato, kajsab, laventeli, Zelandoni, Jaska, these names I've gone by.
Curse of living life like it was a videogame. You accidentally build websites. Remember the virtual Hogwarts I had when I was 11? Yeah, that lasted and some adult wanted to put their kid in the school because I was doing pretty good. Advert-wise as well. 50 euros easily. Nowadays this granny of webs, has to learn click-per-cost and whatnot stupid thingys and still won't be able to withdraw that amount?
But I write for my own amusement. The other hand feeds the other... I don't bother to google my idioms. "vetää kuin junan vessa" means that works like a train toilet... perhaps too well? Or not at all? Have you been in the train?
alrighty, but, we have been saving this to a cloud for far too long. Paying the due's. In due time. My neighbor he got most of the day "pure air" for his "basic rights" until 8.30 PM when I had to sneak out. Dinosaurs breathed the same air. It's not pure. If rocket science scares you, don't bother expanding your world view.
Beautiful definition of schizophrenia was that it's when your naive world-view that is full of delusions breaks like a broken mirror... in that case all the "normal" doctors themselves are it. Tag. I mean, I'm a difficult person but an old soul and I was wiser than my years. My French may be a bit beginner level, but ...wait now I dissasociate. Language is derived from dance. I have no music, just a floor lamp and the backlights of my macbook air 2017 13 inch.
More to this than binaries, I assume. Listen, do not. Not me. Just those knick-knacks and savoir faires. Hard to put proper sentences together in speech I have.
So tired I get. Tomorrow 5pm outside the mall front doors, best friend I will see and we'll get ourselves some pizzas. No problem Naples.
Am I stable enough to write my own blog post with all the moods I don't even have. Who other more qualified. Review on this me, don't. Indie writer might as well I be anyway. Thrive on darlings. Don't kill, just murder if abortion isn't an option and other strenous train of thought for the patriarchy... shame on shame, don't care. My order of importance of meaning of synapses lighting up orderly, well... never dream, don't agree, don't admit. Human rights bullshit is in contradiction to making you sick, patient for life. So much not-even-random COOINCIDENCE. Just illusion of it. What is money if not taxrefundable arts, an amount of what the bank owes you, hardearned. Sweat and tears.... ooooink? I'll trade this inflation for your exports. I'll serve my wealth. Everyone on this planet is connected to one another in just few taps, all you need is the eye of a camera to peek in to your defamation.. shooting stars and triple moons my pagans. It's all real if it matters to you dear, said hope and so all the pestilences that Pandora released, met their most dangerous match. Keep alive the out of the box thinkers, what individuals they were... and sit on a cactus. My best wishywashes, alors...