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lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2022

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Review of a book perhaps except with confusion, doubt, instead of being a parrot

The title freely translates as “Choice of a woman’s own: I am a sex worker”. Includes description of all kinds of sexual spectrum male clients which involves the exchange of money. The moral is that the escorts shouldn’t be taken advantage of, but they have the power over their body and men’s wallets. Loosely mentions it all, from how to go about advertising, to how different views there are on what is selling sex is by the professionals. This book tries to break the stigma in Finland around sex work, which is in my opinion: the oldest job in the world. Instead of taboo, your choice isn’t illegal either, but can you be harmed, without knowing your rights, limits, how safe you should be while choosing it as a job you’d hide from the police, loved ones, relatives, and how media portrays this hidden aspect outside of normative sex. Sexuality isn’t supposed to be ashamed of and a lot of men can understand and respect a woman in bed (lust) where we all are different levels of kinky, amount of touch and intimacy and passion, openness. Interpreting what others enjoy becomes easier for chameleons who are giving a pleasurable experience for the money. Thinking about sex in means for money, for the betterment of your quality of life, seems a bit addictive, not just empowering. Would a famous porn star do it all over again, no doubt? This customer service job, seems like a dream job for autistic people but… what kind of a woman already doesn’t have to secretly do sexual acts for men society expects that women have to stay invisible, appear feminine, and be taken care of in patriarchy, appear smaller the bigger the expectations from women to do free work… maybe that kind of a woman, who are spoiled by parents, inherited a home, have security, traditionally meet on dates, want romantic love to be involved in their sex lives- don’t spare thoughts for small sums of money that accumulate because when your basic needs are met you simply don’t want that kind of sexual attention and communicate on the same low, contact of genitals -level with men to whom you’re, selling your body to the night. If you like sex, don’t make it your day job, it becomes trivial as in, your body tells the evidence of a familiarity you’d show with being naked and aroused penetration or not; and all aspects of the physical act with those you agree to be ideally paid by for services, time, preparation, and reap the benefits through monetary trade. Your trade is a job is work is selling yourself is the oldest term in the book. I don’t think that in general speech neutral terms are even possible, it’s the attitudes behind the word and persons, which are stupid but since work is sacred in this country those professionals who sell sex want to butt their wise freedom filled heads together and be proud of their lives. Multiple men, you’ve chosen to have sex with making them cry boy tears of how you choose to think they worship you. They’ve told you that you are just a hole to be filled from their testicles. Use your genitals as an excuse to be proud of yourself or don’t fcuk with anyone, the law of demand and supply. I don’t know anymore but boys seem kinda cool giving these whores money who know how to milk it out of them pretending it’s making love and your money is the agreed consent form to sex without motives, a ticket to pleasure, worth faking, and lying to yourself that it sells and somebody always buys– it does happen all the time no matter which values you have, orientation, age, religion, gender, friends, education. Selling sex is a tool, those that sell sex lack self-worth if human communication in anticipation of releasing big amounts of energy wasn’t a waste? Compared to the time it takes for others to find a companion, it's not a substitute for love, caring, the reason to disrespect a genuine pussy that doesn’t end, and the man receives effort in return for his money– as long as the adults keep playing thinking the other matters to the other if confused about the way money works- glimpses of random casual experiences between two people having sex told by the one who is doing the work– being their own pimp, keeping cash flowing to themselves, giving your spark for warmth to them being able to burn… sex before a performance will according to studies enhance how well it’s perceived and goes better, easier? Release of hormones, have sexworkers brains been studied, are they smarter or addicts of unsensitivisising themselves toward the subject– reproductive power, or the inner will to live and fill earth by humans all over, where the man spreads the seed from a flower to flower it’s nothing if nothing happens until a man decides he flew into the wrong flower, attacks it, and die like a bee lost its sting– hopeless men with bigger brains can only hurt women from the same original deep sexual needs to begin with being the dominating bigger stronger physically destined to win and rape and kill when women’s power was a social one, the long game, they will create life in abundance where man destroys and wages wars aggressively for the same nothing he believes he’s immune to danger and death during the same sex to which they dragged the woman to have if they had the ability to carry on their genes–A mutation if you ask me because women don’t need men, but these women actually live in a society by men, communicate to them availability to sex for that which will make her life easier in society, so this is a narrow view point from women choosing to be good at what leads them to this lifestyle, to cheat in life what others would have to get a job and do work assignments and be a part of a work community et cetera when they instead empower themselves being the cum dumping ground to whoever treats them nicest for that choice to be made and their mind’s as well about how much they need his support