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lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2022

It was the dangerous things I dy dy dy dyddyy dyyy...

 Fucking shit hole of a mouth, shut up guys – why are boys always boys and it's still hot and attractive. Men are good with holes.
I'm an eater, and it's important to find pleasure in life. Having followers creates more pain and pressure to look good and appear a certain way, and you don't think of consequences with the hashtags you use. Somebody should comment on how fake being an influencer is.
Anyway, I was just watching a comedy (Senior Year, 2022) where a 37-year old high school girl wakes up from a coma 20 years later. It's too sexual but I can't help but laughing and smiling at the 2000's nostalgia, and having that 20 years of my life when I was asexual. In case you don't know, it means I missed all the references to sex that there were on entertainment and ran away from the catcallers literally, ran with no interest to having sex with them
Life works in cycles. I was just writing about important things and values and what are the consequences of the lifestyle choices in a given Westernized living... and I had the point that I was also promised steps back and leveling down with the diagnosis I was given, which makes me so ashamed to enjoy nostalgia and claiming things like not understanding anyone born later than the year 2000.
I'm about to watch Eurovision in a minute but I hope Finland this year is crushed.
My mom used to say, there is always someone who has it worse than you. Not sure if that is the wisdom she gave me after or before she slapped me from something I didn't deserve, for having to look out for my own child's rights not to be left alone while adults leave for drinks.
But maybe someone is always more deserving.
Everything can always be settled. Compromised, promised, looked out for the future?? Perhaps it is naive to give hope considering what condition homo homo sapiens has got the Earth to with global warming catastrophè.
It's brother against brother, clone against clone of an artificial thing we don't know how to build one yet. 
There's still time.
Future is hard to predict because no one wants to believe how inhabitable it can be. Thank god for pandemic slowing down things but there is so much to research about the consequences... the end is near and getting nearer.
I cry and I laugh, because I know how similar they are. I'm calm when I'm not. Soothe me. Don't blow it all by telling me how in a bad mood I was.
Guys let women be sad and angry and emotional, because it's how we are built. Love conquers all.

I don't know what I'm even dreaming. Let go of the best year of my life, myself? It's not a competition about what is most memorable, which experience brings more energy to your everyday life.

I'm easily distracted. It's how dust collects for years over surfaces because dust is the ashes of the universe. Just kidding, what's dust?
Infinite of infinities. Would you marry a robot, if it was your perfect match? Think of all the shit you can do, and you can't answer a question with a yes or not if they were the last person on Earth.