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Eskaloitui. Olen froggy lover


tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2022

Twist my words wormtongue

 Desolée... mon française est beacoup drôle comparé à anglaise...
Arrogance and being angry? Doesn't sound like this mademoiselle. I'm simplifying the words some people used about me, so that they too understood it isn't cool. Attacking me personally instead of facts. Also I didn't stoop on that level.
 Diagnose strangers all you want. I guess my reputation is now gone, because I don't spell or use proper grammar, right. Where's their excuse. I knew jrr. Tolkien wasn't atheist, I'm sort of certain I was answering to an atheist because they were playing about Frodo being Jesus, which is ridiculous. I'm not ridiculous or play with irony or symbolism or sarcasm or allegories. The only authoring I do is on this blog.
I'm now on a holiday with hamster 15 minute drive off my own flat. It's a big house, marble beige countertops. As much pepsi max as I can drink and free bread. I was scrolling a bit of TikTok. 50 minutes later I realised the latter, xmas=ham, thanksgiving=turkey, easter=chocolate? Nonono, actually easter=lamb
Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people. I had 3 kinder surprise eggs. Got the perfect selection of toys inside. The female smurf, something with a lever you pull to jump out a character so a penguin and a car I'll probably put together later when I've enough patience. No puzzle?
We made wings and noodles and salad and there was bread. Hamster got asparagus.She made a nest in a corner from toilet paper I gave her. Poor thing abandoned her jam jar nest. Must've been eventful to change locations, car ride and a few minutes in the ball to check out this huge place. Her butt just wiggled as she went fast.
I haven't made any content. I don't know what am I doing here without the vr and handheld console. Mind at rest? With just phone and laptop and smartwatch.