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perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2022

THIS IS NOT A TITLE. IT IS ***FREE FRIEND VOUCHER - collect all stamps kind of a deal...

 Well well well well what a nice day! I have a queer friend! In my shitty city to say the least! Not that all my friends weren't either loud or uniquely weird in their own ways, but nah... I even discovered a personality trait of mine! I calls it "thorough". Or maybe just got to examine and try all possibilities to really skimp- futons, operators, all of that jazz

I got 3 new plants. A tasty sushi buffet lunch. I dunno, I might take her for a couple weeks, keep her - she has a job, mind you. Goes by them/their/yous so I guess I still have to learn more about that.

I bought plastic wrap to cover my grass, because it doesn't stay moist or start to grow... I also got a cider and 2 cans of beer. It's been a rainy and gray and a bit windy today. Perfect takatalvi, not autumn really, just spring with a hint of stepping back to winter... this winter was kinda dangerous, can't remember a more icy slippery one except the granny-killing weather ten years ago..

I got vegan coconut balls, lots of coffee, all sorts. We both smoke, so it was nice to smoke cigarettes with somebody. I didn't really know what to expect, hadn't seen them for a long time. I welcome her here anytime.

Can't believe I let this person, pay for my food, but she used me as an excuse to go out. I promised to pay next round. Honestly. I will.

I made a few jokes. I was getting a bit tired and out of my body at the end there. She had to check if I put the toilet paper in it's holder "right" way like I said, after handing her an empty roll saying: "Dobby has been given a sock"... I never really got around to the "Dobby is an free elf!" unsure if she got my reference to Harry Potter?? It was the only right way though just as the patent of toilet roll holders has always stated...

No arguments. Had to really really dig my brain for any insult whatsoever. "Do you want a very important mission?" I handed her an empty cigarette package. Motivation is key to actually try to manipulate someone, and usually they do it anyway for you.

I feel like an asshole but really am not. I'm not trying to hook up with a woman while being in a comfortable relationship to a male just for experiments. I am not hypocrite, I don't wave rainbow flags just to be an ally.. oh my god I have been lying, I do have an item with a rainbow on it! I just bought a magnet for a rainbow poo!!! Does it count? LET THAT STEEP IN. I'm open-minded, not transphobic or homophobic or rascist or sexist? I try not not to be, I really do care deep down. I'm a softie.

Before I left. Before they woke up. I washed my balcony. I cleaned hamster's dwelling. I finished watching the newest Spiderman. Movie. There was a spider on the communication machine outside their building, which I called for the door to open. There is a spider on my phone's screen saver when I lock it. I'm actually pretty not scared of them! *starts to sing Itsy Bitsy spider in Finnish, the way some boy urged herself, to sing to a different tune at school's ending sing-a-long chorus and got reprimended by teacher*

Yeah yeah's were said a lot. We spoke mostly English, some words Finnish. Joo. I mean, sometimes I don't say much, my memories sort of mix in with listening to an explanation of a word, like oh you aren't good at orienteering, but do know this one after announcing I'm just following them, which is sort of good to say when yourself aren't the orienteering champion of the worlds

Sigh. I burnt 400 calories, stood for 6 hours and worked out half an hour according my smartwatch. When I got home it suggested I take one minute mindfulness break... yeah what the fuck, I need to unmask these pots of plants from their bags over their heads so they can't die. I carried them in my bag, no probbs? probbies? problematics? probs. all the same

When asked if I was good with computers, I got to hold their tablet. The reason went a bit deeper why wouldn't show products on the web page. iOS version was ancient on it, probably never updated... the answer "if" is that I've always been good with computers. I might not be always good in bed, but technical support I can give better than the official support you're going to get.


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