Ich kann kein Deutsch

 Aikaa on lentänyt 6kk siivillä siitä kun mulla viimeksi oli täällä vieras sohvalla nukkumassa viikon. Sillä tyypilla on myös vielä kuukaude...


keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2022

No artish here, no sir

 Need to do my business in the bathroom. I just woke up. Tweeted. Smoked a cigarette. Commented on two things on Facebook and watched a video on what you can say on tv by a comedian, holding a fucking fork.

I only slept three hours. Felt nice to wake up, so I did. I tried using my cpap machine, but only for two hours. Then I wasn't so red in the face anymore. I too over 50 pictures with my torso on a pillow grasping the tubing etc and then deleted them. One went on an instagram account I'd had since 2017 but kinda forgot.

It's okay to do something, when you can exploit it? Like you can't go about laundrying money. But you can paint or draw by hand small details on a piece of card and then trade them away.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/kajsab/ <--- my flickr from 2010 onwards. I used to take pretty good panoramas?!

Also that letter I wrote yesterday. I put a meowth pokemon card in it and some cut cardboard, goggly eyes and a word magnet by accident. They have no value, and like paper anyway... so I don't think I should need to use a customs stickers for a letter. I don't have them and my printer is broken since forever. Might get too bulky anyway.