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torstai 4. marraskuuta 2021

Just mean to myself and I do mean every typo

I have been eating and sleeping. Mostly spent time in some sort of a food coma.

 Today I dowloaded a kid's app called PikminBloom and if it wasn't raining I might have walked some more planting flowers. I just went to the store, and then there's a little nearby park so I walked round and round there for a bit in the dark rain. I was watching Netflix's You on the chromecast from my TV. I don't want to oversleep all day since that's just missing out on a lot. Answered a scam call about trading and since I'm fond of my money I just hung up after being called ma'am. What am I, in the military now? Haloo. Hello.

I got a brochure in the mail about scheduling some time with an exercise advisor. I could book it at my health care center. I wonder what we could discuss about my relationship with exercise. I find going to walks and walking around and coming back to the same place ineffective. I did not lose any weight during that year I did walk 10k steps daily. I do like explosive sports but whose gonna team up with me to play badminton and though I love floorball I don't have the stick and I'm in too poor shape anyway. I can't do a lot of ice-skating in my weight. I can swim alone maybe a few minutes until I get bored. I have an exercise bike and some weights but never much use them. If I do and try to leave them somewhere I could pick them up, I'll just hit my toe on them. The vintage stationary bike does make a bit of noise and my hamster or anyone wouldn't like it. So I get a dozen minutes when I'm not stressed about my groin pustules. Exercise is good for only metabolism.

I'm sending some swaps out soon for swap-bot swaps. I should write a letter to my penpal overseas. It's just this Advent calendar card and Tarot cards for someone's frankendeck. I hardly use my Supernatural or dragon tarots. When strick with a moment's of inspiration, I'll have to get out tweezers and put some stamps into a book. Stamps I've soaked in water to get them off paper and then they are still under some heavy books. I did like a mail art instagram account and it has got followers from coin collectors and whatnot, but not sure what I actually do with the account... just be creative I suppose... 

I did a sketch for a third swap. Stickers and a sketch. Pretty simple if I just didn't draw everything through these days. It's pretty ugly if it comes from my imagination. Gremlins with wings and a mermaid tail. I give myself a break for I do draw pretty small on a piece of A4. Uninspired or lack of skill, you decide.

I could like make more of those pink brainfreeze milkshakes. I just have to do the dishes. A lot, waiting for time to do them. By hand, in that kitchenette. It's more manageable when you got just a few but when all your plates are dirty, well then. I need a bigger me.

Hamster, dear poopyhead Helmi,

why are you making those annoyed sounds. I gave you a piece of an apple just yesterday. It's not like you get up this early. I'm not a child but no man has ever messed up my sleep like you did in the beginning of our journey. I'm sorry the repairmen on the roof make loud whacks all morning and have a loud radio on and shout all morning and afternoon. They should've been finished weeks ago

You have your favorite snacks and foods. I have been too tired to clean your cage in ages but I don't think you liked it that much anyway when all the bedding was replaced in one sitting, either...

Anyways, nothing to write, just that stream of consciousness. I almost quit smoking but just for less than a day. It would be much cheaper without.

I don't really watch television but I guess there's the Finnish Survivors every Sunday. That's been fun. I even tried another domestic drama show. They were cleaning up after they'd killed someone, got rid of the body. Ok enough about it because I have nothing to compare their acting to... except that dude's little act about going to the police in the first place was like getting your period and having cramps.

Where was I? No more cramps for me. Over a year of sterilisation now. I understand why guys want kids, but for a woman who does all the work, it's been a lonely road of no wanting them, ever. Men are kids too and I play location games that are just for kids. Pathetic muchos.

I talk this way about myself. I see. My dark humour about myself. Next week, I see a doctor. I get another clinical description of my wellness and being to have sent to the social security institution. I got a call from them yesterday about where I'd like to do work and about the queus to each. 12 weeks waiting list to the other, so they'll probably approve that if they do. I can't believe I said to the person that I don't mind which... like I'd said, whatever/ or: it is what it is.

Rehab work. Why would they be letting me into the workforce when there's people who have actually worked in the past 10+ years. Am I not excited though? Bureaucracy makes everything so shitty difficult.

Interwebs. Significant other spidery beings. lol sos. reallyyyyy nothing to speak of. I did cut my nails a bit shorter. It was getting difficult to do nothing. I have always had thick nails. Apparently my hair is not truly thick anymore. Was it ever. instagram-worthy... not

Let's update this browser. I can't go on Twitter on it. I wonder if I could make a tinder profile with the android emulator or is it me they truly banned? I was just a bit too popular I guess, which is totally my fault. Love patriarchy.

Sarcasm. Be a friend and quit stabbing.