Kinda smart.  dandruff, skin irritation from cheap eyeglasses, red face. Used a cleansing gel, mud mask, face wipes and moisturizers, hydr...


maanantai 15. maaliskuuta 2021

friendly banter in a germanic language

 Påstrykes på huden. That's Swedish and means for skin only? Well I have like a 15 ml left of antibiotic lotion for my hidradenitis suppurativa. It expires 3/21. Today I put some on my face. Under my eyeglasses area. It looks a bit better now. I know it could be anything. Allergic reaction, a pimple, impetigo... not a wart like google translate would have me believe! I'm not a baby.

I'm not stressed but the day after tomorrow is sleep apnea international awareness day and I should celebrate? Wut. When is the schizophrenia awareness day? When will you quit that stigma that only neurotypicals are human and the rest are just criminal. 💩🤡

There's a reason those emojis are next to each other you fucking fuckers *sings*

I'm happy but not because I got my butt injected today or I ate negative calorie foods and a tube of icecream and not because of mean comments on my TikTok that I just had to ban them but because it's what I am not what I have...

This computer is warmer than my hands. Mmnnnhhh. Wish I could afford all the cocaine in the world and then destroy it but I didn't invent this legal drug I am on that makes me immune to hard drugs. I wouldn't do to coke like if, Gandalf got his hands on Sauron's ring, believe me.

Anyways my bejpes.

I have a letter to reply to. It's Monday so give me a break. Give my tendonitis a break! My home printer just does streaks so I can't like type the shit out.

Speaking of things that are over my league... hmm. Why create problems more when you can work them out...

my bank balance went. I think I get money on Friday but that goes all to bills. Mostly internet bill and gadget debts and insurance deductible. I did start saving money though. Not sure for how long I'll put aside fifty euros a month and even less sure when or how do I get it back if I'm in need of money to pay an exotic pet vet visit or. some other emergency? I mean... my debts will get old before I can pay them back and I just have to live in this loft for... 20 years?

I suck at thinking of my own future. A source of most my young adolescence stress. I'm so unlike my mother.

Uhh, I have never been (disclosure) approved as I am. So why the hell would I be if I was thin and my ass was huge etc barbie on the outside? I hate being sexualised. That stuff is between my pillow and me. I mean, my uh, adult pacifier and the sounds of my sobbs when I. oh na na nah breath play are you there, unicorn

I hate also to repeat myself. I hate it if people try to change me. I wake up and go to bed and if you are not there, I ain't need please you, take care of you, bring you blankets and keep you warm and healthy and fed etc buy things you don't have because I can come up with a better faster way...

Where was I, oh yeah. Broke. Did you know eventually we don't know anything and every Wiki article circles back to Philosophy? The cradle of civilization was born in Europe in the Greek where they kept little boys as platonic lovers, not far from apes. I wonder if women will stay to tell the history of the millenia of the men's age. Cut short by a virus. Thanks Wuhan.

edith, English kills more people every year than all the snakes of Eden combusted