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Hylkää minut ja hylkäät itsesi

Ärsyttävää olla tyypin kanssa, joka on Murphyn lain puolella sekä oksettavan Trumpin että paasaa ydinsodasta ja ilmastosta negatiiviseen säv...


sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2021

Call me I'm fucked and underpriviledged #crazyshithappenstocrazymotherfuckers

 My eyes burn. I burn everywhere I sit. Shit burns. I took a few ass pics with shorts on and the hole in my chair grew bigger and darker like I had put a cigarette on it??? The hole burns, are we in Hell? Who else is here to do the stuff that happens? Ghosts? I am alone and there's no other exit to my balcony. I think I'm losing the shit...

Who would do these things!

My mouth is sweet, I have a hairy ass just sticking out lmfao... I mean, so much candy I bought... should've left it at toast&beans

All I was going to get was a bag of apples for the hamster, you know, fresh veggies to go while she's asleep for the day?

I... somebody's truly messed up .gulp

I'd love to show pics about the miracles I'm grateful for daily in this house.

But it's not a miracle if it happens. Must suffer from something? Like, why did I watch the vampire series a while ago?? Algae getting scared

A few extra amounts of cash laying about. I could have paid with the cash but I didn't. Forget about itte ane it wille goe awaye

The fabric of the universe seems pissed at me today. I don't know. Go about your selves what do I care, I just want to be random and close my laptop and not feel anything just hide in my sleep world yeah won't ya just hate me #twowaystreet